Have you ever thought about taking things a bit further? Women's endurance cycling has properly taken off in the last 12 months, with more of us than ever signing up for long-distance multi-day events, on-road and off, competitive and simply hardcore.

Following the sell-out success of last autumn's Long-Distance Ladies evenings, we're back for more, and all four members of The Quad will be at Siempre Bicycle Cafe on the 18th October, to talk about our incredible summer of racing across continents, sleeping in ditches, riding into the sunrise, and discovering we are capable of more than we ever believed.

  • Paula Regener set up her own long-distance event in Scotland, revisited the TransAtlanticWay Race and completed the Transcontinental
  • Emily Chappell raced in the TransAtlanticWay Race and the Transcontinental
  • Lee Craigie rode part of the Highland Trail 550, raced in the Tour Divide, got lost in the Andes, and rode in the Torino-Nice Rally
  • Rickie Cotter raced in the Tour Divide, rode the Torino-Nice Rally, and generally spent more miles on the bike than almost anyone else

Come and join us, whether you're an experienced long-distance rider, are thinking about getting into it, or just want to hear some good stories. 

Suggested donation: £7. If you're of limited means, we're more than happy to let you in for free. If you're able to donate, and support the work of the Syndicate, we'd be very grateful!

Food and drink: Siempre will be serving

Chorizo and potato stew

Lentil, potato and turmeric soup (vegan)

Coffee, tea, cakes, wine and beer

Bring an appetite!