Name: Rickie Cotter
Age: 31
Lives: Bath, UK
Rides: Shand Oykel, Specialized Crux, Fate, Epic 29er. Santa Cruz Highball
Twitter: @rickiesolo24hr
Instagram: @rickiesolo24hr

What are you proud of?

I almost won a world championship twice but I'm mostly proud of being able to accept that it's ok to not win, and it's the style and grace with which you ride that's important. Although that doesn't mean I'm not trying to win.

And I'm so very glad I retuned to finish the Tour Divide after my failed non-start a few years ago. It would have been so easy to have shied away from the emotion of it but I was ready to face the challange and that in itself was a big thing, even before the actual start.

What have you done?

Lots of 24-hour mountain bike races. I've completed the Transcontinental, the Highland 550, Geneva to Nice via every mountain I could find, the Ironbike stage race, the Andalucia stage race, TransWales, the Tour Aotearoa in New Zealand, and most recently the TourDivide.

In the last couple of years I have done lots of big cool biking things, but the best thing I've done is had the opportunity to meet and ride /talk with so many amazing like-minded women. I've been so inspired by the growth and stregnth of the women I've met.

What are you scared of?

Debt. I appreciate how lucky I am to have a working body and mind, and losing either is a scary thought. Fear is not worth fearing.

What are you up to?

I'm currently planning on racing the Silk Road Mountain Race and I have a consistent urge to plan ‘the big one’ so I think it may nearly be time to get the atlas out.