Name: Rickie Cotter
Age: 30
Lives: Bath, UK
Rides: Specialized Crux, Fate, Epic 29er. Santa Cruz Highball
Twitter: @rickiesolo24hr
Instagram: @rickiesolo24hr

What are you proud of?

I almost won a world championship twice but I'm mostly proud of being able to accept that it's ok to not win, and it's the style and grace with which you ride that's important. Although that doesn't mean I'm not trying to win.

What have you done?

Lots of 24-hour mountain bike races. I've completed the Transcontinental, the Highland 550, Geneva to Nice via every mountain I could find, the Ironbike stage race, the Andalucia stage race, TransWales and most recently the Tour Aotearoa in New Zealand. Hiked and kayaked the fjords of Norway. 

What are you scared of?

Debt. I appreciate how lucky I am to have a working body and mind, and losing either is a scary thought. Fear is not worth fearing.

What are you up to?

I'm at a time of change in my life, possibly emigrating to New Zealand to seek more adventure. Bike-wise I haven't got a plan, which is very exciting as it means I can craft a bespoke challenge for myself. No doubt it will be a bit silly and mad - just how I like it!