Name: Lee Craigie
Age: 40
Lives: Scottish Highlands, UK
Rides: Juliana Joplin, Juliana Quincy, Shand Bahookie.
Twitter: @leecraigie_
Instagram: @leecraigie_

What are you proud of?

My willingness to take risks. My ability to encourage others to take them too (then the humbleness that allows me to apologise when it all goes wrong). How my body works and finds flow on a trail. My nose for finding hidden singletrack in any given country and ordering the best dish on foreign menus.

What have you done?

Raced XC Mountain Bike for Scotland in the 2014 Commonwealth Games and for GB in World and European Championships. Forced my way through bog and over high cols all over the Scottish Highlands and the French Alps including riding fully self supported off road on a Fatbike from Geneva to Nice. I’ve set the women’s record on the Highland Trail 550 at under 4 days and attempted (!) the Tour Divide and Silk Road Mountain Race.

More importantly I’ve re engaged countless young people who have been excluded from school through Cycletherapy - a mountain bike project in Scotland and have recently become the Active Nation Commissioner for Scotland; working with the Scottish Government to encourage and enable a happier, healthier nation.

What are you scared of?

Small spaces. And I don't just mean physical small spaces. Sandpaper. Missing out. Getting to the end to the end of my life and thinking "if only I had....".

What are you up to?

All sorts of stuff! Making films, radio programmes, running training camps and events as well as fulfilling my Active Nation Commissioner duties. I will never let any of this get in the way of riding my bike though. Off to the US to ride the Colorado Trail this summer with some friends and spending time in the Pyrenees later in the year to prepare for the Three Peaks. Basically I'm working hard to encourage other people to think outside the box and not put limits on their ambition while simultaneously trying to put limits on my ambition.