Name: Emily Chappell
Age: 34
Lives: Mid Wales, UK
Rides: Shand Stooshie, Genesis Zero.4, Genesis caribou, Joe Waugh fixie
Twitter: @emilychappell
Instagram: @emilyofchappell

What are you proud of?

Cycling very long distances, especially at sub-zero temperatures. Engaging people with written words. My calves.

What have you done?

I used to be a cycle courier in London - now I go on long-distance bike journeys, some of them very fast. I'm very gradually, country by country, tracing a line around the world. I recently published a book, and now I'm writing another one.

What are you scared of?

Downhill mountain-biking; missing a visa deadline. Not being good enough.

What are you up to?

Currently preparing for the Transcontinental Race - 3,500 miles across Europe from Belgium to Istanbul, non-stop, self-supported. After that I want to go and spend a few months cycling somewhere very very cold.