Name: Sarah Outen
Age: 31
Lives: Oxfordshire, UK
Rides: Santos Travelmaster, Brompton, GT road bike, Genesis Caribou
Twitter: @SarahOuten

What are you proud of?
Working hard and bringing together a team of kick-ass people to help make my London2London journey happen, in spite of major setbacks and challenges. Raising £50,000 for charities in the process. Inspiring tens of thousands of young people to have their own adventures and face their own challenges, through school talks and various ambassador roles. Learning when to let go and learning to embrace failure. Making it to age 30 without dying on the way.

Being engaged to the lovely Lucy.

Pushing myself through fear.

What have you done?
Rowed solo across various oceans. Kayaked some of the world’s most treacherous waterways. Cycled across continents, some of them in extreme temperatures (Central Asian summer and North American winter, for example). Scooped a few records. Had a lot of fun.

What are you scared of?
Deep water (or any water where I can't see the bottom); cats.

What are you up to? Currently writing my second book Dare to Do which tells the story of my most recent 4.5 year London2London: Via the World Expedition. Then I will write a couple of children's versions and make the documentary of it. Apart from that I’m getting married this year, and am busy rehabbing from my journey, building up miles and strength again. My long-term plan is to create an Adventure Farm where we will get youngsters to help out and have their own adventures.