Name: Laura Moss
Age: 33
Lives: Leeds, UK
Rides: Ridgeback World Panorama (tourer), Genesis Flyer (single speed), Genesis High Latitude (MTB), Trek carbon roadie my Dad foolishly lent me 2 years ago
Website: and
Twitter: @lauralikeswater / @cycletourfest
Instagram: @nextchallenge

What are you proud of?

The first time I cycled across the Alps.  Subsequently cycling 13,000 miles around the world.  Starting the Cycle Touring Festival, which brings together all those interested in exploring the world by bike.  My ability to tolerate cold water.

What have you done?

I cycled 13,000 miles through 29 countries around the world.  I've also run the length of all the London Underground lines, walked across Patagonia and swam across the Hellespont.  Most recently, I cycled the North Coast 500 with a fabulous group of women, through The Adventure Syndicate.

What are you scared of?

Missing out.  I'm terrified that if I say no, I could miss out on the best experience in my life.  Injury that prevents activity.

What are you up to?

I'm currently working out a way to walk across the frozen Lake Baikal next spring.  I'm also trying to get better at mountain biking, as I'm relatively new to it.