Name: Joanne Gibson
Age: 39
Lives: Midlands, UK
Rides: Stanton Switchback, Felt Nine 3, Canyon Spectral, On One In Bred single speed

What are you proud of?

Being able to find joy in the midst of a solo 24 hour mountain bike race.

What have you done?

Quite a few self-supported multi-day adventures in the UK and French Alps.

What are you scared of?

Fresh cut enduro trails. Mechanicals. Letting self-doubt stop me doing the things that make me feel alive.

What are you up to?

Enjoying how cycling helps me connect with myself, my environment and the people in it. Riding longer distances. Taking part in my first 12 and 24 hour solo mountain bike races and feeling tired but strong. Ticking off some of the ITT routes. Building my enduro skills. Trying to find the right words to tell the important stories.