The Syndicate is proud and excited to be collaborating with Oxford's Broken Spoke Bike Co-op on a festival of Women & Bicycles, to celebrate International Women's Day.

The two-day event will celebrate the many wonderful ways in which we're all changing the world, with a glittering cast of speakers, including Syndicate athletes, cycling celebrities, and up-and-coming heroes.

There will also be practical workshops to help you put your cycling ambitions into action (whether it's cycling to work or cycling round the world), guided rides for all levels, yoga classes for the flexible and inflexible, delicious home-cooked food, a chance to try out clothing and accessories and dozens of new friends, allies and riding buddies.

As well as Syndicate athletes Lee Craigie, Laura Moss, Rickie Cotter and Emily Chappell, speakers will include:

The event welcomes all genders, ages, shapes and sizes, keen cyclists and aspiring cyclists and bike-curious alike – as well as showcasing major players in the cycling world, and giving all guests a chance to try something different, learn something new, push their boundaries, face their fears, or just sit and listen to some really good stories.

Got questions? There's a lot more info - including a full programme and a complete list of speakers - over on Broken Spoke's site. Allez!

Venue: East Oxford Community Centre, 44 Princes Street, Oxford, OX4 1DD.