Jenny Graham is a 37-year-old endurance cyclist from the Scottish Highlands.  As a young mum she came late to long-distance cycling. But a lifetime teaching others in outdoor environments prepared her well for the resilience, self-reliance and physical hardship that these challenges entail. In 2015 she raced The Highland Trail 550 for the first time, and realised that life would never be the same again. She spent the next three years developing her considerable aptitude in long-distance self-supported bike racing, completing challenges such as the Cairngorm Loop, the Arizona Trail Race and a four-day winter LEJOG.   

Now she find herself asking the question: 

"Yeah, but I wonder how far I could actually go…"

She's about to find out.

Jenny Graham

The clock will start at 6am on 16th June, when Jenny rides out from Berlin, not stopping until she has cycled 18,000 miles across four continents. She will travel east through 14 countries - Germany, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Mongolia, China, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US, Portugal, Spain and France - taking four flights and one boat and consuming 660,000 calories.

By riding for 16 hours and averaging 180 miles a day, Jenny aims to beat the current record by 34 days. 

This is a self-supported ride, so Jenny's rules are:

- I'll do it all myself, under my own power - no drafting

- I'll carry all my own gear 

- I won't accept any outside support (deliveries only to public addresses or open homes, no vehicles of any kind meeting me along the way to provide supplies or assistance).

Before Jenny set out on this adventure we spent a a little time with her learning what makes her tick and what it means to go on an adventure like this. You can listen to the short podcast below:

Jenny Graham
Jenny Graham