Name:  Karen Darke
Age: 44
Lives: Scotland and Majorca
Rides: A carbon handbike
Twitter: @kdarke
Instagram: @karendarke

What are you proud of?

Falling down a lot in life, and picking myself up and getting going again. Surviving paralysis and creating a wonderful new life for myself. Completing a lot of expeditions I previously thought would be impossible. Winning silver at the London Paralympics in 2012.

What have you done?

Found alternative ways to adventure around the world, learn, and share it with others.

Handbiked across Japan, Tibet and Cuba. Sit-skied across Greenland. Climbed El Capitan. Kayaked the Inside Passage from Canada to Alaska. Won the 2012 World Paratriathlon Championships.

What are you scared of?

That my body won't always be able to keep up with my mind and dreams - I'm reliant on small parts of it, like my shoulders and arms.

What are you up to?

Trying to win gold in the Rio Paralympic time trial. After that I have an idea to do some epic handbike rides around the world. Starting in November I'll be doing an off-road handbike ride along the Carretera Austral with some of my Paralympic team mates. After that - who knows...?