At 6am on the 14th of May, seven women will set out from Inverness to complete a non stop team time trail of the North Coast 500; The Adventure Syndicate. We aim to complete the 500 mile route around the north of Scotland in under 36 hours and will be calling on all of you to help and support us. This support could be by way of social media or in person. Organise your own group, follow our SPOT tracker and Twitter updates, meet other rider through our Facebook page and meet us along the route. If you are an experienced road rider, get on the front and give us a break from the wind. If you are less experienced, jump on our tails. If you prefer, ride separately from us altogether or cheer us from the road side. Whatever the outcome of our attempt, do come to Inverness on Sunday afternoon to witness us all slumped in a corner of Velocity Cafe and Bicycle Workshop eating mountains of cake. Check Twitter for our ETA.


Please note these timings are based on an average speed of 14.5mph and the team may travel much faster than this at times. We recommend you aim to arrive an hour early just in case or follow the tracker below to work out their progress.