The Transcontinental is the definitive Trans-European solo unsupported bicycle race.

Riders race from Flanders to Istanbul via checkpoints at some of cycling's most iconic locations and Europe's historic landmarks. The route they take is up to them but will include at least 2500 miles of riding and some serious climbing. Riders must ride solo and unsupported.

Live satellite tracking will be provided by Trackleaders

The Rules:

1. One stage – The clock never stops.  Racers chose where, when and if at all to rest.

2. No Support – Racers can only use what they take with them, or what they can find en-route at commercially available services.

3. No Route – Only mandatory controls ensure that racers visit some of the most famous pieces of road in Europe and connect with the suffering of their forebears.  The rest is up to them.

Adventure Syndicate member Emily Chappell will attempt the Transcontinental for the second year. Last year she retired from the race on day ten while in position as lead female solo rider. This year, she hopes to go the full distance. We will all be watching Em's dot this August.