Name: Tracy Moseley
Age: 37
Lives: Malvern, UK
Rides: Trek Remedy 29, Trek Top Fuel, Trek Domane
Twitter: @tracy_moseley
Instagram: @tracy_moseley

What are you proud of?

The results I have achieved over my career, my ability to still be competitive after close to 20 years of racing, and being in a position to help encourage and inspire the next generation to be active and have adventures on their bikes.

What have you done?

Raced mountain bikes since I left uni in 2000. Raced downhill, now enduro and also a few cross-country races along the way.

What are you scared of?

Small spaces and growing old!

What are you up to?

Trying to retire from being a full-time racer and finding a way to continuing to ride and race for fun, and hopefully work within the bike industry in the futureā€¦