Inspiring, Encouraging & Enabling Schools Project

In 2018, The Adventure Syndicate will work with five schools across Scotland in a one-year project funded by the Sporting Equality Fund designed to inspire, encourage and enable pupils to feel capable of more.  The programme will use adventurous travel to engage all pupils but especially teenage girls who would otherwise not choose to take part in physical activity.

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Over the next twelve months, Adventure Syndicate athletes will meet regularly with participating schools to:

·      Inspire pupils with tales of our adventures

·      Encourage them to feel capable of more than they think they are, using campcraft activities, bike skills sessions, bike maintenance tutorials, and         participation in our Match The Miles challenge*

·      Enable a smaller group of eight teenage girls to change their relationship to outdoor adventurous exercise permanently, resulting in improved levels of self-esteem, resilience and confidence that will last them a lifetime.



The project will culminate with an overnight camping trip in summer 2018, accompanied by Adventure Syndicate athletes, and will be a celebration of the girls’ sporting achievements.

* Match the Milage challenge, Adventure Syndicate athletes will ride south from Scotland (#southbound) carrying GPS tracking devices. Schools follow them online and collectively match the athletes daily milage using indoor trainers, by performing laps of the school grounds and by travelling to and from school by bike. It is expected that upwards of 100 miles will need to be accumulated each day to keep up with the riders. There will be regular check-ins via social media with all schools along the way and live-tracking on this site. Match the Milage will begin in April and last between one and two weeks.