We understand the physical and emotional benefits that travelling self-supported by bike in outdoor, adventurous environments can have on a person, and we want to share these with as many people as possible. We hope that by telling stories of adventures – big and small – we will contribute to the shift away from societal attitudes whereby wealth, status, power and exclusivity have the highest value, moving instead towards mental and physical wellbeing, community, collaboration, inclusivity and diversity.  

We recognise that the people we target will have their own unique set of  emotional, practical, financial and cultural barriers, and we aim to address as many of these as possible via planned initiatives, to make our activities and message accessible to as diverse a range of people as possible.



Is to challenge societal perceptions of what it means to be powerful and successful by providing a platform that shows the strength of collaborative and cooperative approaches to physical challenge instead. In doing so we hope to affect a shift away from the traditional perceptions of these under valued ‘female’ attributes so often associated with weakness and reveal them to be the best way to create strong, fair, healthy communities as opposed creating environments that benefit individuals who shout the loudest. We hope this way of being will transcend the outdoor / adventure world and seep into the political, business, environmental sustainability and education worlds too.

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Economic and cultural inclusion –We believe strongly that the time and talent people have to offer is as valid and valuable as any financial contribution, and plan our events, activities and bursary schemes accordingly.

Diversity – We believe that one size does not fit all, that there are as many different barriers and solutions in adventure and cycling as there are women, and that our diversity is one of our biggest strengths. TAS is committed to working with, supporting and promoting as wide and diverse a range of female role models as possible.

Collaboration – We accept that no one can change the world on their own, and that our greatest strength and potential lies in our ability to work together, to share skills and resources, and to support the work of other organisations wherever we can.

Community – We believe that being part of a strong, diverse and flourishing community is an increasingly powerful incentive to many people than succeeding as an individual, and we are committed to building a healthy, inclusive community in the world of adventure , both online and in the geographical regions in which we work. We strive to remain aware that the social media platforms we use to communicate our stories can have both positive and negative impacts on mental health, and to use our influence responsibly.

The promotion of wellbeing– We understand the inter-dependency of physical and mental health, and believe that riding a bicycle regularly is one of the most effective ways of promoting both.

Sustainable travel and our impact on the environment – We believe that cycling is a key means of reducing human impact on the environment, and encourage our participants and communities to consider the ways in which their own journeys affect the world around them, for better or for worse. We try and limit our fossil fuelled transport preferring instead to ride our bikes everywhere if at all possible. When we do fly to begin an adventure or give talks, we use this carbon off-setting tool to calculate our donation that we then make to MADRE, an advocacy group partnering with local women around the world to tackle climate change.