Every year Adventure Syndicate directors Lee and Jenny ride south south in a straight line for five days (#southbound) and encourage schools, workplaces and individuals to Match the Miles. This year, between 13th and 17th of May 2019 they’ll be riding 500 off-road miles, from Cape Wrath (the most west northerly point in the UK) to the English border.

On their journey the pair will carry a GPS tracking device that will represent them as a moving dot in real time on the map below. By signing up to this challenge either as an individual, a small team (under15) or a large team (over15) you will also be represented on this map using miles you collectively upload that week by way of a unique upload code that your team will be given by email.

While Lee and Jenny will be focussing on encouraging ten schools across Scotland to increase their levels of active travel to and from school, this year we are also opening up the challenge to work places, clubs and individuals too.

Ultimately this is a race the length of the country with prizes for different categories and a separate inter-schools race but every miles counts so no one should feel as though they can’t contribute.

In the past schools have followed Jenny and Lee online while collectively matching their daily mileage using indoor trainers, by performing laps of the school grounds, running bike clubs and by travelling to and from school by bike.

Any active mile travelled counts (whether cycled, walked, run or scooted) and will be offset against the number in your team so rankings remain fair. A live leaderboard hosted here will calculate your placing throughout the week.

Please register your workplace or school and we will send you all the details you need to be part of this exciting challenge. Complete the form below, or this link on a tablet or smart phone: https://goo.gl/forms/mR5qFjM2vIIuY7hJ3

After Match the Miles Challenge in 2019, the winner of the school competition will win an overnight backpacking expedition for eight selected pupils.

Our backpacking expeditions aim to engage selected teenage girls who would otherwise not choose to take part in physical activity.

The Adventure Syndicate School Project Team (Lee, Jenny, Kate and some incredible freelance staff) meet regularly with participating schools to:

  • Inspire pupils with tales of our adventures through film showings and talks at schools assemblies.

  • Challenge the entire school to participate in our national Match the Miles* campaign.

  • Encourage all pupils to feel capable of more than they think they are by teaching camp craft activities and delivering bike skills and maintenance sessions.

  • Enable a smaller group of eight teenage girls to change their relationship to outdoor adventurous exercise permanently, resulting in improved levels of self-esteem, resilience and confidence that will last them a lifetime.

Last month a school specific Match the Miles happened when Jenny and Lee rode from Inverness - Galashields via the Cairngorms and right through storm Gareth!! After a fantastic welcome by Gala Academy, seven students and two teachers joined The Adventure Syndicate and Go Where Scotland for their first ever bikepacking trip and overnight in a bothy.

As you can see below, in 2018, the participating schools didn't just match our miles they smashed our miles!