Name: Kate Harris
Age: 34
Lives: Atlin, British Columbia, Canada
Rides: Seven Expat S, October hardtail
Twitter: @kateonmars
Instagram: @kateoffmars

What are you proud of?
Exploring the world on a shoestring and a bike. Putting wildness to words, or the beautiful failure of trying. Living off-grid.

What have you done?
Wandered the Silk Road by bike and in sentences. Trespassed twice across Tibet. Suffered gloriously on all seven continents. Briefly lived on Mars (in Utah).

What are you scared of?
Forgetting for one second the wonder of being here, being anywhere, being at all. So-called progress and profit at the expense of life—whether biological, intellectual, or spiritual life. Heavy traffic, especially when I’m on a bike!

What are you up to?
Finishing a book, traveling widely in Atlin, and learning how to use a chainsaw.