Name: Juliana Buhring
Age: 34
Lives: Positano, Italy
Rides: Cannondale Synapse
Twitter: @julianabuhring
Instagram: @juhring

What are you proud of?
My adaptability and ability to navigate through just about any strange, new or difficult situation. My stubborn, aerodynamic head and rather good set of legs.

What have you done?
Cycled around the world, raced the inaugural Transcontinental Race and TransAm Bike Race. Cycled the Vietnam Challenge Ride, and a few shorter rides from Berlin to Copenhagen, London to Edinburgh, Milan to Geraardsbergen, Mt. Vesuvius to Mt. Etna. Written a couple of books.

What are you scared of?
Drowning and small spaces.

What are you up to?
Riding the Race Across America in June. Releasing a new book in May. Planning a bikepacking trip around Laos and Myanmar this November.