Name:  Jenny Tough
Age: 29
Lives: Edinburgh, Scotland
Rides: Shand Stooshie, Rocky Mountain Sherpa, Canyon Endurace CF
Twitter: @JennyTough
Instagram:  @JennyTough

What am I proud of?

My stubborn - and usually very foolish - ability to push through difficult challenges in gnarly conditions. My independence and self-reliance.

What have I done?

Solo and unsupported runs across two mountain ranges: Central Tien Shan and the Atlas. Second overall in the the first TransScotland race. Transcontinental #5. Solo cycled (touring, bikepacking, racing) 35 countries so far. 

What am I scared of?

My navigation failures (don't follow me). Noises outside my tent.

What am I up to?

The TransAtlanticWay Race, the Silk Road Mountain Race, and running across Bolivia.